The Goddess and the Web of Dreams

So I started to write this post a while ago, but for some reason it just wasn’t the right time to post it. I’ve sat on it a while, and new things have come to light, I revised it, and yet once again it didn’t seem like it was the right time. I waited a little longer, waited for things to digest, settle down and finally, now it seems, is the right time. It is interesting because there is so little written about this mysterious figure of the sacred feminine, the Spider Woman, but from the little I’ve managed to dig up, it is very clear that she brings important lessons to us all at this critical time.

I am a strong believer of destiny, that higher powers exist and that we are all connected in some way or another. Whether it be by family, and blood ties, by history, by culture, work, beliefs, religion, race, ethnicity, arts and culture, language, fashion, likes and dislikes… somehow the threads of destiny, have conspired to bring you here, right now, right at this moment.

And since you were supposed to arrive here, I believe that there is a message here for you to take away.

So let me share with you, the story of the Spider Woman or Grandmother Spider, a sacred feminine deity. she is a wonderfully mysterious, and beautiful Goddess, whose presence has been described in so many myths and legends all over the world.

Perhaps the most ancient record of her, is from pre-Columbia, where she has a strong connection to nature. She appears decorated with spiders, and wears a beautiful green headdress, and a jaguar sits by her side. Rivers of water flow from between her legs, linking her strongly to life on earth, and also the emotional well-being of the planet.

In many Native American myths, this beautiful deity appears as an old wise figure known as Grandmother Spider. According to legend, it is said that she was the one who created the world, or spun/wove the world into existence. She is strongly associated to the darkness, the sub-conscious, shadow world, spiders, owls and other nocturnal creatures. The Spider Grandmother is the one who invites you to journey with her, deeper into the darker side of yourself, your subconscious, repressed memories, emotions, and that which you most fear to face about yourself.

It is said that she was the one who taught women to spin thread and weave beautiful fabrics into existence. Don’t you find it funny that we have all learned to fear the Spider? Yet the Spider is a powerful symbol of femininity, delicately weaving intricate patterns her web, in truth, she is really quite a magical being.

In my mind she is here to remind us of all that we have yet to discover about ourselves, that we have left hidden in the dark, that now needs to be brought into the light, recognised, honoured, healed and embraced. We have light and dark in each of us. Both parts make a whole – what do you need to embrace to fully become your authentic self?

Perhaps we should be asking ourselves about our own dreams, what are they? When we are kids we have so many, with such energy and drive to succeed. Yet somewhere along the road they have become twisted, tainted and faded. Some of us have learned to feel undeserving, and some of us are so wrapped up in the day-to-day, keeping the head above water, simply surviving to even consider the luxury of dreaming.

Right now at this time in our lives where we are facing so many challenges, a light has been shone on what is truly important. Previously we were all weaving away, like little spiders all over the world, creating intricate and beautiful designs, working endlessly on our own isolated dreams but never really reaching them. Working on the perfect house, family, career, but never actually reaching our goals, and feeling happy & satisfied. Yet, we are beautiful, talented, and powerful women, we are all over the world, weaving, knitting, sewing, creating, crafting and artistically bringing things into being. Literally, as women, we have the power to bring new life into the world. We create beautiful things. What might happen if we put that energy towards crafting something together? Working together to co-create something beautiful? What if we worked on our innermost dreams and brought them into existence?

Remember, dreams are free, and belong to all of us, no matter where you are in life. However, what we do need to face are the nightmares that come alongside. Ever had a dream-catcher? Maybe it is time to hang one in your window, trap those bad dreams, discover their root cause and transform them so that they can be jointed together to strengthen your true purpose and help manifest your true dreams into being.

My question to you is, will you face your fears? your darkness? Will you search within to discover your true life’s purpose and do you want to work to bring your dream into existence? Will you turn to each other, and help one another so that we all can bring our dreams into existence?

Now we have an amazing opportunity to change our realities… let’s make them better & let’s do it together!

Eostre, the Goddess of New Beginnings

A Beautiful Goddess, Fertile from the Blood which brings forth New Beginnings
Art by Karol Bak

So little is actually written about the Goddess Eostre, and I wonder why that was. Over time it is true that we have the lost old traditions of story-telling, and along with it, as generations have passed, many of those mythical tales that used to fill our lives of wonder and mystery.

The little I managed to discover about Eostre links her to the much celebrated festival of Easter. Although in Western Society, Easter is much about chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, the Easter bunny, and the celebration of new life as we move into Spring, however when we look deeper into the origins of Easter, and the symbolism behind our celebrations, the true significance of this tradition comes to light.

Eostre is also known as Ostara, the Teutonic Goddess of Fertility, Rebirth, Dawn and Spring. It is said that the Hare is sacred to her, and this is quite significant as the Hare is believed to be connected to the Moon, a symbol of femininity and fertility. Just like the Moon, the nocturnal hare burrows into the darkness each day and emerges again at night.

Eostre’s eggs are also a sacred symbol of new beginnings. Each egg has a yolk and a white, and many have compared these characteristics represents the Sun God enfolded by the White Goddess, and as such, perfect balance.

The cross on the hot cross buns meanwhile, signify the separation of the seasons, and interestingly, Easter takes place on the first Sunday after the Full Moon of the Spring/Vernal Equinox, linking the Goddess to the Moon and lunar cycles. This is certainly in alignment with what we know from the Goddess symbol, and if we consider further that Eostre is the Goddess of Fertility, it would appear that she is the one who may in fact influence our menstrual cycles, menopause, and related hormones. This brings me to another point – that Oestrogen appears to have been named after Eostre!

The Uterus & the Moon
Art by Arsenia Calvillo (La Morse)

The female cycle is today still taboo in many parts of the world, and become a source of much ignorance, shame and embarrassment to many women. As such it is no wonder that Eostre has not been honoured as she should have been, and her lessons have become forgotten.

Incidentally I wonder, how many of us have suffered immense pain during our menstruation? How many of us have suffered complications during pregnancy? How many of us are drugged on contraceptives, causing our hormones to be out of sync with nature, and the moon? How many of us have suffered the waves of painful release during menopause? I wonder if the fact that we have been disconnected from our bodies, our true nature and the lessons of Eostre could be the cause of so much suffering?

Did you know that a woman was already born with all her eggs? The egg (and all seeds) contains ‘all potential’, full of promise and new life, they symbolise the rebirth of nature, the fertility of the Earth and all creation

So – do you feel that you have honoured the releasing of each of your eggs? In order to honour the releasing of our eggs, or new beginnings into the world, it is important to heal old wounds that may have become trapped in our bodies, manifested through harmful thoughts, beliefs and sometimes even inherited through generations of family history.

During the next New Moon, why not consider honouring the Goddess Eostre, and honouring yourself?

If you feel a calling to try this little ritual below, let me know how it goes.

After washing, put on some light clean clothes, light a candle and close your eyes. Imagine the Goddess is there with you, tell her what you want to release, open up to her and don’t hold back. Ask her for healing. Put one hand over your womb/uterus, and one hand over your heart. Breathe in love, and breathe out to release your old wounds. Ask your body for forgiveness. Ask Eostre for forgiveness. Breathe in love, and once again, breathe out to release. Finally, ask Eostre for her blessing, for yourself, and for the women in your life, all who have come before you, and for the future generations of women yet to be born.

From my heart to yours x