Daughters of the Rising Moon


Don’t you just love it when things come together as if they’d been pre-planned to perfection? Let me tell you the story of how this got started.

I had moved back to London after living around 8 years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I had really immersed myself in a wonderful community of spiritual and light workers. For the first few months I was in the usual adjustment phase, but I really missed the practices and workshops I used to attend in Brazil. Goddess workshops and sacred healing events. Even the regular sessions I’d have with my teacher, spiritual healer and mentor Aparecida Sauer just felt so far away. Doing things over the skype calls really helped but it wasn’t the same. I’d become quite lonely in this respect, and really didn’t feel like I could open up to my work colleagues on this front. So, one day someone mentioned that I should check out the website ‘meetup’. And so, I did, and there were loads of groups out there, but sadly nothing that I felt ‘suited’ me. After a time, someone else just said – Joanna, if there isn’t a group for you, then create your own.

It was bold, daring and required quite a bit of courage… but I thought OK – yes! I will do it! I set up the group, New Moon Goddess Circle, and then took a big step back and thought – how am I going to do this? I saw more and more women join. Women who’d been searching for this type of group, to reconnect with each other and reconnect with themselves. It was amazing, and scary at the same time!

Then one of them reached out and started chatting to me. Her name was Georgina. We set up a time to have a coffee – both of us extremely nervous and excited… and gradually got to planning the circle together. It was magical, fluid and I felt as if I’d known her forever.

Since then we’ve seen a steady growth of women joining our humble group, women from all walks of life, and had special tips and gifts from other light workers. We saw that we had started to build a community, and it was beautiful.

So I started ‘Back on Monday’, my page which was really about myself reconnecting to the Goddess, finding my true purpose in life, alignment with the Moon and also providing me a reason to jump out of bed each Moonday (monday!). Yet now, we have created a joint offering. Daughters of the Rising Moon – that’s me and Georgina. We’re bringing to the table all that we have to offer. Her life coaching talents, my Goddess training from the Wings of Isis School of Mystery, in Rio de Janeiro, and all the beautiful and sacred lessons we have learned along the way, including guided meditation, holding healing spaces, cacao ceremonies, spiritual protection, oracle and gypsy card readings and so much more.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming circles. Please do follow us on Meetup, Facebook & Instagram!